Why I’m Running
for Mayor
of Brunswick

Every Brunswick citizen deserves a city that works for them. Whether it’s ensuring strong educational outcomes for our children, economic development that uplifts our city’s unique offerings or reimagining criminal justice, Cosby Johnson is running for Mayor to build a better Brunswick with you.

A child of the City, Cosby Johnson was born and raised in Brunswick. His mother, an educator, and his father, a veteran, instilled in him the importance of community and service. A graduate of Brunswick High School, Cosby would go on to graduate from Valdosta State University and begin his career in government. Working with elected officials on the federal, state and local levels for more than 10 years, Cosby focused on bringing economic development, education and healthcare for all Georgians. While Cosby worked to improve the lives of all Georgians, he never lost sight of the City that instilled the virtues in him today. Most recently, Cosby worked on passing HB 426, a bill that introduced hate crimes within the state, and HB 479, a bill which outlawed the practice of citizen’s arrest. Now, Cosby is looking to pass on the principles that were instilled into him as a child by running to build a better Brunswick. Building a better Brunswick begins with investing in education, economic development and transparent and responsible government. Join us as we get to work!

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